Marquis Top Health Care Professionals

Stacey Wiggins

Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Company: Wiggins World of Wellness
Location: Westerville, Ohio, United States

Stacey Wiggins, founder and chief executive officer at Wiggins World of Wellness, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Healthcare Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in holistic health care. 

Mr. Wiggins, a pioneer in holistic wellness, embarked on a unique professional journey centered on holistic well-being and therapeutic practices. His educational background involves certifications as an alphabioticist from the Alphabiotic International Association in 1996, showcasing his commitment to innovative holistic techniques. Additionally, he became a licensed massage therapist in 1988, demonstrating his proficiency in hands-on therapeutic approaches.

As the founder and chief executive officer of Wiggins World of Wellness, Mr. Wiggins has established himself as a leading figure in holistic health. His career began with massage therapy, collaborating with chiropractors, trainers, and nurses. Recognizing the inherent value of massage, he sought to integrate it more cohesively into holistic well-being. Over the years, he developed his exercise program, incorporating stability and medicine balls. He has been teaching his program for nearly two decades, emphasizing rehabilitation and holistic health.

An achievement that stands out prominently in Mr. Wiggins’ career is being recognized as the world’s first certified African-American alphabioticist. He attributes his success to curiosity, passion, family support, and mentors like Dr. Virgil Crane, the originator of alphabiotics, and Dr. Kevin Bolt, a global advocate for alphabiotics. Looking forward, Mr. Wiggins envisions taking his holistic wellness initiatives to several African countries to contribute to the global initiative of promoting balance and well-being. 

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