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Jacqueline Irene Wert

Title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Illinois

Company: Private Solo Practice of Clinical Social Work

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Jacqueline Irene Wert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements and leadership in the field of social services.

Ms. Wert’s interest in social services began in college at the University of Iowa where she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology earned in 1964.  Subsequently, she completed a Master in Social Work from Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus in 1974.  During this academic period, Ms. Wert completed a 12-month (June 1981 to June 1982) training field placement at the Institute for Juvenile Research—- a research, demonstration and training center housed in the Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Subsequently, Ms. Wert sought and earned a certificate from The Family Institute of Chicago/Center for Family Studies for the completion of the Two-Year Training Program in the theory and practice of family therapy. The training was sponsored by the Institute of Psychiatry, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University Medical School. The program was completed on June 19, 1982.

Additionally, Ms. Wert has also had training in medical billing and coding at Harry S. Truman college from the Continuing Education Department resulting in a certificate earned on July 15, 2009, as proof of completion of the year-long program.

Employment experiences have included nursing aide at the Psychopathic Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa (1964-1965), caseworker in Public Assistance at Cook County Department of Public Assistance from September 1965 to December 1968. The long-term career orientation was in child welfare with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services from December 1968 through early 2001. Initially, services were rendered to intact families and children in substitute care (foster and residential and group homes).   An interest in alternative permanent planning in the adoption program developed—for children who could not be reunited with birth family or relatives. For ten years the concentration was focused on children with special needs and their profoundly devoted and skilled caregivers. The final 12 years of the career in child welfare was in the supervision of an adoption team of social workers. The work was rewarded with a Certificate of Recognition for Team Performance in 1988 and 2002, and a Director’s Award presented March 1989 while supervising at North Region, Chicago Adoption Team.

Ms. Wert has earned a number of credentials. She is a State of Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) continuously since July 12, 1993. This credential is defined and regulated by the state Clinical Social Work and Social Work Practice Act. The Academy of Certified Social Workers determined Ms. Wert was qualified for the self-regulated practice of social work and authorized to use the designation ACSW effective May 1981. The Academy is a unit of the National Association of Social Workers.

Ms. Wert has maintained a part-time private solo practice of social work since 1981.  The work is often in collaboration with other behavioral health specialists as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and other social workers. Additionally, Ms. Wert has been employed part-time for several years at Elk Grove (Illinois) Schaumburg Family service 1982/84, and the Youth Campus 2009, and returning to DCFS with other retired and experienced adoption staff to work with a  Purchase of Service Team to move a  backlog of cases toward permanency with completed post-adoption subsidies for the children and legalization of adoption in court.

Ms. Wert’s availability for private work assignments increased upon retirement from the child welfare agency in 2001.  As a provider in private practice, Ms. Wert has opted to work with insurance carriers and has refrained from any marketing for “fee for service” clientele.

As a behavioral health medical provider, Ms. Wert is contracted with approximately 20 health insurance companies and Medicare, Part B, and thereby listed in the provider directories of the companies.

In conjunction with the work with insurance carriers, Ms. Wert is registered with CAQH Proview (Counsel on Affordable Quality Healthcare) which is a credentialing organization that collects and reviews, manages and distributes provider information to and for insurance carriers.  Ms. Wert re-attests with the group at least quarterly each year.  The last attestation of professional profile was completed on November 13, 2019. The CAQH ID# is 11305328.

Ms. Wert completes continuing professional education requirements as required by law as well as professional organizations such as the National Association of Social Work. Certifications include:

  1. ACSW:  Academy of Certified Social Workers, a unit of the National Association of Social Workers: qualification for self-regulated practice; May 1981
  2. LCSW: State of Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License Number: 149005449) effective Jul 12, 1993: continuing education requires a minimum of 30 hours every two years at renewal to maintain status
  3. State of Illinois: Department of Children and Family Services:
  4. Basic core training as a Child Welfare Specialist, Special Needs Adoptions, Basic Management
  5. Service training in areas such as Substance Abuse Training, Substance Affected Families, Conflict Resolution and Divorce Mediation, Quality Care for HIV infected Children and Their Families, Working Effectively with Persons with disabilities and/or Language Differences

Other Sources:

  1. Healthcare Training Institute: 40 hours including anxiety disorders, leaving the violet relationship, adoption
  2. PESI (Professional Education Systems, Inc.): Practical Psychopharmacology
  3. Affect Plus: ethics for social work
  4. Elite CME: Clearing the air about Medical Marijuana: Research Conclusions for Treatment: 2017
  5. Medicare Learning Network: Medicare Fraud and Abuse: Prevention, Detection, and Reporting

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