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Matthew G. Cascioli, PT

Title: Owner
Company: Haven Physical Therapy PLLC
Location: White Plains, New York, United States

Matthew G. Cascioli, PT, owner at Haven Physical Therapy PLLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Healthcare Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of physical therapy.

Drawing from over 20 years of training and practice in the field of physical therapy (PT), Mr. Cascioli has found success as the owner of Haven Physical Therapy PLLC, a provider of comprehensive PT services and rehabilitation programs. Initially founded in White Plains, New York, in 2013, Haven PT has since expanded to an additional facility in nearby Mahopac, and has come to boast the services of several highly talented therapists, all of whom are trained in relieving pain and enhancing physical fitness potential.

Mr. Cascioli initially became involved in his profession out of a fascination for fixing broken things, a predilection borne out by his accomplishments in shepherding thousands of clients back to a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Through both his efforts, and that of his team, patients have enjoyed the opportunity to return to work, school and recreational activities. Prior to his current endeavors, he studied at Chapman University, from which he attained a Master of Physical Therapy in 2002. From there, he went on to become a fully licensed and insured physical therapist. 

Among his accomplishments in the field, Mr. Cascioli is gratified to have earned an honorary doctorate in 2017, and to have been recognized as a fellow of Dyson College at Pace University. Of greater importance to him, however, are the consistently positive testimonials he has received in honor of his proficiency and that of the staff at Haven PT. His unwavering dedication to ensuring patient satisfaction and progress has long stood as a source of pride. Having led a fulfilling life, he only wishes to help others achieve the same. 

Outside of his primary efforts, Mr. Cascioli works frequently with local union organizations to help members on their individual journeys back to health and wellness. He also donates some of the proceeds of his company to local food pantries, children’s organizations, and other philanthropic endeavors. 

In accounting for his success, Mr. Cascioli credits his unwavering persistence, and an indomitable spirit for whom surrender is never an option. Looking toward the future, his ultimate goal is to ensure that his clients are properly equipped to maintain their own wellbeing, and to never have to revisit the healing process for as long as they live. 

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