Marti Hottenstein, MA, CLPC

Title: President and Founder
Company: How to Save a Life Foundation
Location: Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States

Marti Hottenstein, MA, CLPC, President and Founder at the How to Save a Life Foundation, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in addiction services.

Founded in 2006, the How to Save a Life Foundation was established by Ms. Hottenstein after the tragic passing of her son due to a Methadone overdose subsequent to being turned away from an inpatient clinic. Acknowledging that treatment facilities and physicians do not often provide adequate care to individuals with addiction, she sought to change how such maladies are perceived by both the medical community and society. Initially, the How to Save a Life Foundation provided one scholarship per year to an individual struggling with addiction so that they could obtain the help they need. However, as time passed, the How to Save a Life Foundation gained much recognition and prominence, and eventually began conducting fundraisers to help the homeless population gain access to halfway houses.

To date, Ms. Hottenstein and her foundation have helped more than 45,000 individuals with addiction. Striving to be an educated advocate, she received a Master of Science in psychology from La Salle University in 2013, drawing upon a prior Bachelor of Arts in criminology and sociology, where she graduated, cum laude, in 1998. A certified addiction specialist, Ms. Hottenstein helped pass Karl’s Law, named in honor of her son, in 2013, which allowed investigations by the state to be conducted following the passing of an individual who has overdosed on Methadone.

Over the years, the How to Save a Life Foundation has partnered with such rehabilitation centers as the Malvern Institute, Livengrin, Today Incorporated and SOAR, for whom Ms. Hottenstein works as a consultant and began a pilot program that promotes Methadone safety. A staunch and tireless luminary, she emphasizes that addiction is a disease, one which is widespread and can affect anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. As there is such a stigma related to substance use as a mental illness, Ms. Hottenstein ultimately desires to help share her message across the nation and make the How to Save a Life Foundation as recognizable as the United Way. Likewise, she wishes to preserve her son’s legacy by helping individuals who,  much like her son, have been driven away from inpatient facilities for addiction issues. Recently, she helped to build two clinics in which patients were safely provided with Methadone to help wean them off of other drugs, thereby establishing eventual sobriety.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Hottenstein intends to continue expanding the reach of her foundation and help as many individuals as possible.

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