E. Maurlea Babb, LMFT, LPHA, QE

Title: Marriage and Family Therapist
Company: Chrysallis
Location: Wheaton, Illinois, United States

Dr. E. Maurlea Babb, LMFT, LPHA, QE,  Marriage and Family Therapist at Chrysallis, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership.

Growing up in foster homes, Dr. Babb learned a lot about families. After graduating from the American Conservatory with a BME, she started her career as an educator. From 1950 until 1958, Dr. Babb excelled as a supervisor and teacher at the Midlothian Public Schools. In the following years, she transitioned to counseling, taking on a position as a counselor at Geneva High School in 1961. By 1964, she had earned an MSE from Northern Illinois University, which enabled her to change her career focus to therapy. In 1977, Dr. Babb became a consultant at the Chrysallis Center for Individual and Family Development. Several years later, she returned to Northern Illinois University and earned a Doctor of Education. As she became more distinguished in her field, she was able to take on roles of greater responsibility at the Chrysallis Center for Individual and Family Development. Currently, Dr. Babb exceeds expectations as the owner, director, and primary marriage and family therapist.

Throughout her career, Dr. Babb has dedicated herself to civic endeavors just as much as she has prioritized her professional ventures. Currently, she is a board member of the Illinois Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Likewise, she is an emeritus member of the board of directors for the Chicago Methodist Senior Services. Creatively, Dr. Babb has shared her experiences through contributing articles to numerous professional journals.

Looking back on her multitude of accomplishments, Dr. Babb considers her greatest achievement to be earning the opportunity to provide her clients with tools to change their outlook on life for the better. Regardless of how big or small, making a difference in the life of another person is a consistently rewarding feeling, which is why Dr. Babb has become so passionate about her work. As a testament to her success, she is featured in the 20th edition of Who’s Who in the Midwest.

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