Dr. Jeffrey Francis Magrowski

Title: Vocational Expert Witness and Consultant
Company: Jeffrey F. Magrowski, PhD, LPC
Location: Summerfield, Florida, United States

Dr. Jeffrey Francis Magrowski, Vocational Expert Witness and Consultant at Jeffrey F. Magrowski, PhD, LPC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in vocational rehabilitation.

Dr. Magrowski found himself alone in a broken down U.S. Army transporter. He couldn’t fix the vehicle alone and woke up the next day with the feeling that he had to help mankind. A well-renowned lawyer who wrote Anatomy of Personal Injury Lawsuit said that his job was to help mankind and that is what he has done. From then on, Dr. Magrowski breezed through school with straight A’s. After being honorably discharged as a disabled veteran in 1975, Dr. Magrowski earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Florida in 1976. He then received a Master of Arts from Florida State University in 1978. In 1991, he received a Doctor of Philosophy in health and human services from Columbia Pacific University. Upon completion of his degrees, Mr. Magrowski became a licensed professional counselor, a certified rehabilitation counselor, a certified disability management specialist, and certified by the NBCC.

Dr. Magrowski is responsible for quantifying the assessment of non-economic damages in a legal setting and owns the rights to the word “Hedonology.” He began his career as a vocational rehabilitation specialist and senior consultant for Crawford Rehabilitation Service Inc. He remained there from 1978 to 1983. In 1987, he took on the role of rehabilitation specialist with Ellis and Associates for a year. From there he founded Jeffrey F. Magrowski, PhD, LPC, in 1983 and continues to work there to this day as a self-employed vocational expert witness and consultant. He is also a vocational expert witness for the Social Security Administration, a position he has held since 1980 and a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the U.S. Department of Labor since 1981. As a testament to his success, Dr. Magrowski has been inducted as a member of numerous organizations including but not limited to the National Rehabilitation Association, National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, Missouri Rehabilitation Association and the American College of Forensic Examiners.

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