Barbara Ewer Jones

Title: School Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Teacher
Company:  Monroe County Community School Corporation
Location:  Morgantown, Indiana, United States

Barbara Ewer Jones, retired School Psychologist with Indiana Monroe County Community School Corporation, Occupational Therapist with First Steps, division of the Federal Disability Act, and retired teacher, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in occupational therapy and psychology.

Throughout her life, Mrs. Jones has always been someone who felt called to help others. As a high school student, she taught kids in her neighborhood how to read. In college, she sang with a group called the “IU Singing Hoosiers.” She now sings with the “Voices of Franklin,” a group of 40 vocalists located in Franklin, Indiana. And for 14 years, she committed herself to the theater and costuming in musical theatre, for which she contributed art, banners and paintings to use as backdrops for children’s plays. In short, Mrs. Jones has always been there to lend a helping hand. In her career, she is no different. Since 1977 to 2004, she was employed as a school psychologist and substitute occupational therapist after retirement at the master level for the Monroe County School Corporation in Bloomington, Indiana. In these dual roles, she demonstrates expertise in identifying students who need assistance and additional programs to support the educational process. She also listens to concerns about academic, emotional or social problems in private practice and in volunteering her time with horse therapy for problem solving and social skills of middle and high school students and with an association that provides housing to the homeless as they gain control of their lives and to create goals and action plans that promote positive behavior. Prior to joining the school district, Mrs. Jones previously found success as the director of early childhood education preschool, located on Butler University Holcolm Estate in Indianapolis, teacher for the Decatur Township School Systems (now MSD of Decatur Township), contract substitute teacher for the San Bernardino School Systems (Now San Bernardino City Unified School District), and teacher for Marion, Indiana, School System.

Mrs. Jones’ accomplishments in education are a direct result of her own academic achievements. Before establishing herself professionally, she earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Indiana University in 1965 and 1970, respectively. She became certified as an occupational therapist, teacher and school psychologist. Outside of her full-time work, Mrs. Jones has committed herself to other initiatives within her industry. Since 1990, she has been a member of the Study of Children of Alcoholics in School Environment. Previously, she was a lecturer for the evening division at Butler University in Indianapolis.

During her free time, Mrs. Jones loves to create art. She has been taught figure sculpture by Adolf Gustav Wolter van Wolter (1902-1980), artist of bio relief sculptures located at Indiana State Library, created art-fiber quilts and painted acrylic pieces. Her style ranges from traditional to Asiatic and landscape. She has been the recipient of awards for her work in her acting, photography, sculpture, fabric art, quilting and watercolor. Looking ahead, Mrs. Jones intends to continue creating art in her retirement while taking on new passion projects that pique her interest.

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