R. Lynette Walsh

R. Lynette Walsh

Title: Occupational Therapist (Retired)
Location:  Pasadena, California, United States

R. Lynette Walsh has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in occupational therapy.

As an occupational therapist, Mrs. Walsh dedicated more than 40 years of her career to helping patients develop, recover, improve and maintain skills needed for daily living and working through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Now retired, she demonstrated an expertise in the clinical aspects of the field by focusing on gerontology. She concluded her career with the Beverly Rehabilitation Center of Monrovia & Country Villa in Arcadia, CA. She excelled in this role for 10 years by utilizing a dynamic skillset developed in her prior roles. Previously, Mrs. Walsh found success as an occupational therapist for the Casa Colinas Hospital for Rehabilitation Medicine, an occupational therapist II for the City of Hope National Medical Center, chief occupational therapist for Deer’s Head Center, and consulting occupational therapist for the Wicomico County Health Department. Her early roles included staff occupational therapist for the University of Texas Medical Branch, staff occupational therapist for Cherry Hospital, senior occupational therapist for Cowley Road Hospital, and occupational therapist for Exe Vale Hospital.

In addition to her clinical work, Mrs. Walsh contributed to her field through her work writing chapters to textbooks and articles to professional journals. Also, she was a preceptor for occupational therapy students from several major universities including the University of Boston, the University of Texas, the University of Puget Sound, the University of Southern California and Loma Linda University. Her outstanding work has led her to achieve a distinction in psychological occupational therapy by the British Association of Occupational Therapy.

What Mrs. Walsh has learned over the course of her career that has most benefited in her professional growth is to work hard, stay the course and not worry what others think of you. She feels that she was successful because of her sharp organizational skills, her ability to work well with others and her commitment to remaining fair in the workplace. Her education also played a role in her achievements. Mrs. Walsh holds a diploma from the St. Loyes School of Occupational Therapy, which she earned in 1965. She also achieved a Master of Education from Salisbury State College in 1977. As she looks to the future, Mrs. Walsh intends to continue enjoying life through her hobbies of travel, photography, reading, music, church choir, writing and swimming. She also plans to do more volunteer work in order to give back to her community.

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