Dr. Richard Witt Van Doren

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Title: Counseling Psychologist (Retired), Career Consultant
Location:  Groton, Massachusetts, United States

Dr. Richard Witt Van Doren, retired counseling psychologist and career consultant, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Health Care Professionals for dedication, achievements, and leadership in professional counseling.

Regarded by peers and colleagues alike as someone who is a nurturer, helper, and healer, Dr. Van Doren has committed his career to creating positivity and optimism around the future through decisive career planning and action. He feels that he has been successful in his career because of his hard work, inclination to help others and the encouragement he received from his mentors along the way. Highly regarded as an expert in his field, Dr. Van Doren shares his advice to professionals at any level of his career: “Be true to yourself and do something that appeals to you. Don’t be afraid to try things that others in your peer group wouldn’t do.”

In his career, Dr. Van Doren found tremendous success in several prominent roles. Notably, he served as an executive director of clinical affairs for 32 Masonic Centers for Children in Lexington, MA, vice president of Manchester Partners International, vice president of Minsuk, Macklin, Stein and Associates, regional director of counseling services for Fuchs, Cuthrell and Co., senior consultant and director of interview training for Mainstream Access, Inc., and counseling associate and adjunct professor for Rider University. In 1996, Dr. Van Doren co-designed the administrative/clinical model for teaching thousands of dyslexic children how to read. He notes that this was by far the highlight of his career. In addition to this, he has been gratified by his ability to help patients and their families recover from life-shattering events and become confident and optimistic again about their future. While Dr. Van Doren is now retired, he continues to share his advisement as a deacon, pastor and parish relations committee member for the Littleton Congregational Church. He also contributes as a panel member for the career management forum for JobOptions.com.

Before establishing himself professionally in his field, Dr. Van Doren developed his foundational skillset through his military service and higher education. He was a decorated captain for the U.S. Air Force for five years from 1968 to 1973. In 1975, he earned an EdD from Ball State University after having previously achieved a Master of Arts from the university and a Bachelor of Arts from Macalester College. To support his career, he became a diplomate of the American Board of Psychological Specialties and a fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners. His early roles in his field include work as a doctoral fellow for Ball State University, a postdoctoral intern for the counseling center at Shippensburg State University, and postdoctoral intern at the Elmcrest Psychiatric Institute. Over the years, he has given back to his industry through his memberships with the American Psychological Association, Mensa and Phi Delta Kappa.

In his retirement, Dr. Van Doren enjoys being a part of his church. He also loves to continue uplifting others. As he looks ahead to the future, he plans to write and speak on a variety of topics.

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